Monday, December 5, 2005

Rock 'n Roll Star

Let's start off with a recap of the weekend's shows. Then on to some other nonsensicals, like usual.

Friday I went straight from work downtown, ready for a solid night out. We started off with some yummy Mexican food in the Lower East Side to break up the freezing walk over to Sin-E for Cordalene. I always assume nothing starts on time in New York, but apparently when you bring in a band from Philly, they are quite punctual. We got to Sin-E at 10 after 8 and already the band was rocking out on stage. But it was perfect timing, as they started to play "Kissed Awake." I naturally started to dance, sans alcohol, which is never a good combination. I said it before, but I'll say it again, I really like this band. They put on a great show and lead singer Mike Kiley really brings energy to their live show, inticing the rest of the band to bring each some up a notch. It's impossible not to have fun. Look for their full-length debut out early next year.

Cordalene @ Sin-E

From there we went over to Fat Baby for the Loose party. I am glad Cordalene started on time because we were able to watch (er, listen) to most of Levy's set. Every time I go to this venue it's packed to capacity. I've yet to actually see any band that I go there for. Upstairs we grabbed what was left of the free Red Stripe and chatted with the familiar faces. But things were getting too crowded; I could hardly hear myself think. We opted to head out for a more low-key bar, and we left as six firemen and three policemen were on their way in. Good timing again, it seems.

We got our fill at another bar that I can't remember it's name, and figured we were drunk enough at this point to dance up a storm. I remembered that the Tarts of Pleasure were doing their weekly thing at Orchard Bar but this Friday there was an open vodka bar at 11. Perfecto. Some yummy vodka drinks later, and I was having the time of my life on the dance floor. I'm glad I decided to go back and try out Orchard Bar again. This time, for whatever reason, was a blast.

I probably should not have stayed out so late because Saturday was the big show. I spent most of the day reorganizing CDs and cleaning the apartment I have been neglecting. The boys of A Brief Smile were nice enough to pick up the box of magazines up for me so I wouldn't look like an idiot schlepping it on the 3 subway lines to Pianos. Anyways I got there with enough time to run around like a crazy woman, making sure everything was in place for the night. Wes was already there, and quite dapper in his suit. And then I was given my drink tickets for the night. Ten of them. For me. The rest of the night was quite a blur.

Luckily A Brief Smile was up first and I wasn't intoxicated enough to not remember, or make a fool out of myself. The set sounded great, and it was cool to see some backing vocals by drummer Louie Glaser. It really brings the already textured songs up another notch. The boys brought out an old favorite, "Ghosts” that hasn’t been played in awhile. But my impatience is running thin; they need to get their new EP done ASAP. I'm assuming it will be worth the wait.

A Brief Smile @ Pianos

Paula Valstein was up next but unfortunately I missed a good part of her set because I hadn't eaten anything all day and those rum and cokes were going straight to my head. But after Wes and Sheena ate my french fries and I finished my delicious hamburger, I headed back and caught the tail end. She has a beautiful voice, and I had the chance to chat with her afterwards and she is incredibly sweet.

And then the most anticipated act of the night for me, Teenage Prayers took the stage to a packed room. These guys would have been a great match up with The Undisputed Heavyweights, both bands have that ungodly way of raising up your spirits in a uniquely musical way. It was energized right from the beginning. I was impressed, but not surprised. I had a feeling they'd be good. Might be divine intervention.

Teenage Prayers @ Pianos

And last but certainly not least were our last minute step-ins, Kinetic who couldn't be any nicer. It's all about the three-piece bands for me right now, and these guys are now included in my favorites. It's moody, it's different, but most of all it just rocks. Brendan was kind to give me their EP that I listened to all day yesterday. Look out for their debut full-length album that they are currently recording out soon.

The rest of the night consisted of finishing up my drink tickets, using one of Nora's, looking for a missing cell phone, dancing to the terrible music Pianos was playing, and ranting and raving over the fact we couldn't have our own DJ and that it was now snowing. I took my box of magazines and I trekked through the Lower East Side trying to find a cab.

No one should ever give me that many drink tickets. But thank you Pianos for that, and thank you to all the bands that played and the people that turned up. I think I like putting on shows, can you tell? Look out for some Underrated goodies that are in the works for next year.


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