Thursday, June 23, 2005


So my last night in New York was sort of a bust. I got in around 2 o'clock, ran some errands and headed up to Georgia's apartment to share some music and say goodbye. She was hungry, so we headed out (in the rain) to the bubble tea place around the corner. I had never had bubble tea. She was shocked. And the night went downhill from here.

I didn't even have that much, but the number it did on my stomach was absurd! What is this stuff? After praising Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and getting tips on places in London, I bid my adieu to Georgia and headed up to Liz's for some drinks and dinner. By the time I got there, I was feeling okay. We caught up for a bit (a whole two days, we always have news) and after dinner I felt sick to my stomach. First thought was that I was nervous, but I couldn't really figure out what for. Liz kept telling me to calm down, so I smoked cigarette after cigarette thinking that would do the trick. I rushed Liz like usual, and convinced her to put her books down and come to Mercury with me for The Upwelling.

We met Sof there, and we chatted outside when the full-blown nausea kicked in. I felt like I could keel over and die. I mentioned the fact I had bubble tea earlier in the day and Sof informed me that everyone gets sick the first time they have it. And they go back for more? What masochists!

It felt like a good idea to buy a beer, but after a few sips I couldn't have anymore. I poured my beverage into my friends' cups, and opted for a glass of water instead. The Upwelling played a tight set; I wish I could have enjoyed it more, had I not felt so sick. But they played "Worthy Enemy" and I'll convince myself that they played it just for me. They also unveiled some new jam/song after "Murdered" that was quite nifty. I'll have to find out what it was.

So instead of heading down to Pianos, I had to find some medicine and lay down. Liz's apartment is air conditioned so I planted myself there while we watched Ripley's Believe It Or Not. What a quality show. This guy snorted two pieces of pop corn cornels and managed to get them out from his eyes. Talk about an eventful night.

So I didn't really live it up and get the full New York night I had anticipated. I blame Bubble Tea. Never again. Now I've got a fun day of heave-ho down the stairs that are falling apart and say bye bye to Chrystie Place. I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll try and post some tunes later.


jerry yeti said...

Have fun in London. Go to the Globe, stand in the center, and get the chocolate-covered raisins. Worth a trip across the pond for that alone.

Rachael said...

sweet. i'm there.

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