Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Time To Be Small

Just call me the queen of good luck. My iPod is still nowhere to be found. I ended up walking around lost and confused after work, while others had their rightful places inside their ears all around me. I decided to pass on the Bloc Party show last night. I was really excited for the show too, I wanted to get drunk enough so that I could dance the night away. But yesterday I could hardly take a sip of alcohol, and definitely was not in the dancing mood. I'll catch them in Ireland in a couple weeks, and hopefully my mood will be a bit better.

Today was supposed to be moving day. One of my friends who was going to help me schlep everything down the five flights of stairs threw his back out last night. Good timing huh? So now I'm sort of just sitting here, surrounded by boxes, and not really sure what to do.

Jolly good time.

But enough of my self-pity, and on to music, because, well that's supposed to be the point of all this right? I remember when I decided to enter the blogging world, I promised myself it wouldn't be personal ramblings. It would be strictly about music, and my experiences through the magazine. So, enough of my silliness and on to the good stuff.

I received an EP from the LA based band, Colored Shadows, a couple months ago, and although it fell in the mix of all those CDs I need to listen to more, every time I came across one of their songs, I would stop and ask myself, "who is this?" They do not sound like anything I've heard as of late, mixing old school David Bowie or even Pink Floyd spiked with some Velvet Underground, but the twist is this new-age electronic sound. If you like The Secret Machines, you'll love these guys. It's quite beautiful, and haunting, and fantastic late at night, laying on your bed, trying to figure out what the hell you are doing with your life. Or at least I think so.

They'll be in the next issue, and my trusty writer Monica needs to have the songs while down in Florida for the summer, so I post them on her behalf, and now yours. The EP is now available and ready for your purchase here. I think I'll make it my personal goal to get these guys to New York. It'll give me something to do.

MP3's (i say: right click, you say: save as)
  • Colored Shadows - Moscow
  • Colored Shadows - Eyes
  • Colored Shadows - July
  • Colored Shadows - Rose Colour

    Bonus tracks, because I love you.
  • Pete Doherty - Lady Don’t Fall Backwards/Bollywood to Battersea
  • Derek James - One More Day
  • The Changes - Her, You, and I
  • Buzzsonic - I'm Falling
  • Seth Kallen - The Infamous Rap Medley (Live @ The Point)
  • Interpol - Untitled (Live @ Brownies, 1.26.2000)


    Simone said...

    i hella hope you find it.

    cellophanegirl said...

    sorry to hear about your ipod Rach, hope that you'll find it soon.

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