Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Missing: Rachael's iPod
Location: Somewhere between lafayette and avenue C, not above seventh street, and not below rivington.
Details: 40 GB, no inscription, pink leather case with a metrocard inside, a random selection of music, and cheesy playlist names (such as dj underrated)

So I got a little drunk last night, and since the world likes to punish me for having fun on a Tuesday night, my best friend has been taken away from me. Yes, I know that's sad, but my life is seriously incomplete. I'm trying to stay optimistic that it will turn up, that I haven't lost my entire collection of music, and that it's sitting in Liz's apartment or somewhere underneath my bed. But I've looked. And it isn't.

But seriously, if you find yourself walking around and you see someone rocking out with no headphones (found those) and a girly case, hit them on the head, take the iPod, and run. And then, give me a call.

Besides that I had a fab time last night, trying to live up the few nights I have left in this wonderful city we call New York. We thought it would be a good idea to start early, and feed ourselves beer for dinner, so we got our first couple pints at the beer garden on Avenue C.

We then ran on down to see my favorite freshman Mr. Seth Kallen do his thing down at the very nice Rockwood Music Hall. More beer. It was only seven pm at this point and when we staggered a little on our way out, we realized it was still light outside. So a bench suited us just fine, as I chain smoked which seemed to be the theme of the night.

Have you found my iPod yet? Damn.

From there, it was more beer and more beer from 2A to a quick stop at Lit, and then over to my home away from home, Swift. We met up with Seth and his friends to put a couple more back and I vaguely remember taking too many pictures. Leave it to me to get camera happy when I'm drunk.

After I cab ride up to Liz's to enjoy her air conditioning, I thought it a good idea to sing to Dave. Liz made sure I had some water and put me to bed. I was quite content with life at that point, until I woke up this morning hungover, hungry, and mourning the loss of my friend iPod.

Seriously. My life may be over.

But thanks to the wonderful Dan over at Time Consumer for making me a snazzy new logo for the blog. He rocks.

I'll keep you updated on the search for my lover. If you have any details or tips, you know where to find me.


Chris said...

shit rachael, that suucks!! i hope ya find it, i'm sure you will.

Rachael said...

doesn't look good. i've called EVERYWHERE. someone out there is enjoying a lot of good music today at my expense. damn. i'm too depressed to even see bloc party tonight. i want to listen to depressing music and i can't even do that. grrr....

Anonymous said...

HOw much crack did you get for it?

Rachael said...

hmm. not enough, clearly.

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