Monday, June 6, 2005

Did you see me on TV last night? Yeah, me neither. Actually there was a superb shot of the back of my head. My mom said you couldn't miss my red hair. That shot right there should land MTV in some sort of Hall of Fame. Right.

Yesterday kind of sucked. I went into Borders to escape the heat and promised myself I wouldn't spend any money. I found myself perusing the magazines and realized just how many music magazines there are out there. I felt defeated. And then I bought six of them. And then I was broke.

But not broke enough. I convinced myself that it was a great idea to spend the last of my money playing poker last night, convinced the downward spiral I've had this summer would bounce back. I lost $25 dollars, completely due to bad luck. I went all-in at least three times. Ace/King, pocket Queens and pocket 9's. Screwed every time. Now I have a massive credit card bill due tomorrow that I haven't yet figured out how to play, and it's less than 3 weeks til I head to Europe where we are being kicked in the ass by the pound and the euro. Fantastic. But...

Hey I finally got some pictures! Relive the craziness that was Thursday night...

The Man in White, Dave Lear opens the show, camera doesn't seem to work.

This Radiant Boy follows next, my mom asks me why people aren't dancing. I agreed.

Liz, my PR gal is my favorite. We like to find trouble.

The crowd begins to get bigger. I'm somewhere at the bar.

Patiently waiting. Quickly drinking.

Rockets and Cars take the stage to a packed audience. I take a quick picture and get back to bogeying.

The crowd likes.

The GoStation take the stage. Yay!:

My gals agree, it's party time.

They play their hearts out...

And I'm officially drunk! (With the awesome PJ who drove all the way from Westchester,PA to join the festivities.)

Good times. Good times.

Tonight I head to Webster to check out our "headstrong brits" The Futureheads. We interviewed them in Issue Six as well.

Enjoy the MP3's (right click, save as).
  • Futureheads - Decent Days
  • Futureheads - Piece of Crap
  • Futureheads - Meantime

    It's quite the warm day in NYC today. Thank god my office has A/C, but I don't know how I'll sleep the night in my apartment. Ta ta for now.

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    Chris said...

    looks like the show was a lot of fun! congrats.

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