Monday, June 13, 2005

Easily Distracted

It's my last week at work, and you can tell I'm being as productive as ever.

But I can't help it. I just checked back to look at the latest lineup for Oxegen festival in Ireland that I will be going to in just 25 days. This will be the first festival pour moi and they keep adding more artists, so I'm literally jumping out of my skin. Who I'm most looking forward to, thus far:
-Kaiser Chiefs
-The Killers
-Bloc Party
-Bravery (shhh)
-Jimmy Eat World
-The Ordinary Boys
-Maximo Park
-Interpol (!!!)
-Athlete (!!!)
-Futureheads (!!!)
-Bright Eyes (!!!)
-Josh Rouse
-Rilo Kiley
-The Go Team
-The Dears
-Brendan Benson (!!!)
-Editors (!!!)

Excuse my french, but holy fuck. If only they got Arcade Fire, I would probably fall over.

In other updates:

  • Liz finally updated her blog again. Give her traffic, so she'll do it more often.

  • The French Kicks finally updated their website, complete with a brand new look, some misguided links, and some fine art. I chuckled while watching their videos, remembering how terrified and excited I was interviewing them for last issue's cover story. Such nice guys though. I am upset I'll be missing them next week at Webster when they open up for The Get Up Kids. However, I have been informed they are currently recording their new album, which should be out late this year. Woowee. Watch the video for "Close To Modern" here.

  • Jen has some great Four Tet tracks, plus some pics of the Shout Out Louds from Friday.

  • No Yeti Dance has all the unreleased tracks from The Comas in one convenient place.

    Ok, I should really get back to work.


    Stella said...

    We got a sneak peek of a new FK tune when they played a free show in Dallas. IT WAS AMAZING.

    I totally agree with you on the such nice guys comment. They truly are the nicest people I've come across in awhile.

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