Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I feel like hell. You feel like dancing.

Last night in a drunken stupor I kept saying I can't believe I'm going to London on Friday. I'll say it again, I can't believe I'm going to London on Friday. This summer is going to be exciting. I am terrified and yet excited to go completely blind and find some new bands to share with you. It'll be like my first year in New York. I'll pick up Time Out, grab a highlighter, scan some websites and just go. Before you know it I'll be drinking tea at 4 PM, saying Cheerio, and hanging with the lads.

I'm going to try and get out as much music this week as possible, because I don't know if I'll have time or the accessibility to upload music as often. So enjoy it while you can. Of course, I will be checking my email as obsessively as usual, while still planning out the next issue, so blogging will not cease to exist. I'll apologize in advance if I revert back to my childhood and start spelling color colour, or tell you I'm heading back to the flat.

Last night, while I enjoyed spending my time at the local Jersey bar to celebrate Blaire's 21st madness, part of me wished I had made it into the city for Gothamist's Moveable Hype. Not only did some of my favorite bands play, but apparently David Bowie was in tow. David fucking Bowie!! That doesn't happen every Monday night. Central Village and Brooklyn Vegan have recaps, while Daily Refill confirms the Bowie sighting. Damn.

Other news:

  • Productshop interviews Youth Group. If you have yet to hear the fabulous little ditty called "Skeleton Jar" download ASAP here. (right click save as). You can stream the entire US debut here.
  • The new stellastarr* album "Harmonies for the Haunted" will be released this September. Audrey has been listening to it for the past two weeks and posts a detailed review.
    lost in time
    damn this foolish heart
    the diver
    sweet troubled soul
    precious games
    born in a flea market
    on my own
    when I disappear
    love and longing
    island lost at sea
  • Hey, remember when I ran into Danny Masterson a couple months ago. Yeah, he hasn't fallen in love with me quite yet, and an interview is still in the works. But I did get an email from a big fan of the radio host/tv star/hipster hottie to let me know that she has downloads of his radio show on her fan site. And although it's without the great music that they play on their show, "Feel My Heat" (with Bret Bolthouse), it's still fun to listen to those kids banter, in an indie way of course. Download the shows here.
  • In a completely unrelated subject, I've been soooo weirded out by this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes business. I can't even watch reruns of Dawson's Creek in the mornings while drinking my coffee anymore. Gawker linked to this interesting article that has proved my point all along. Even though it's from Fox News, it's an entertaining read. Hollywood didn't always used to be this disgusting, did it?

    Now, time for the music. Only one band today, but it's a good one.

    Midlake - Bamnan and Slivercor (buy here)
    Speaking of Danny Masterson, one of the bands that their show featured a couple weeks ago is the Texas bred moody rocksters, Midlake. I had "Balloon Maker" on my computer for a little while now, I think since SXSW, and can't remember how it ended up there. Every time it came on, I felt like I was at a circus. It's crazy like Arcade Fire, with lyrics that border on The Decemeberists' capability, and equally as impressive. Their debut album (released on the same label as The Dears), has officially become one of my favorites. And their website, officially one of the strangest.

  • Midlake - Balloon Maker
  • Midlake - Some of Them Were Superstitious
  • Midlake - Kingfish Pies
  • Midlake - The Jungler
  • Midlake - Moppers Medley


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