Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've got some Fever

So it took me a couple days, but I finally made my way to a music venue and saw my first British band. We looked up some spots in Time Out, saw one place called the Dublin House in Camdentown that wasn't too far, with four bands, £5, so we were there. Out of the four, there was one band that I was completely wowed by, and their name is FeverKing.

Think a British version of Kings of Leon, with less hair, and a sweet ass lead guitar player. They've got a good mix of acoustic and electric, with damn catchy songs that got me dancing. I chatted with Patrick, the acoustic guitar player afterwards and was a bit taken by him (what a surprise). He's going to call me next week and we're going to do a little interview for the mag. (swoon)

I just checked out their website, and you can listen to a few tracks. They are currently on a tour throughout England, and I was told they are going to hit up some spots in Canada later in the year. I'm going to get them to come to New York and maybe we'll have a slumber party...or something.

  • FeverKing - Genius Boy
  • FeverKing - In The Meantime
  • FeverKing - Pusherman
  • FeverKing - White Bus

    Tonight I'm off to check out a New York singer/songwriter that is touring here in London. Gotta show some support for my people, right?

    I'll check back with you tomorrow.

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    melanie said...

    well I'm mate with one of the band members (even if I'm living in Montreal) so I heard their stuff and I found it amazing...

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