Sunday, June 26, 2005

Greetings from London

Well folks. I made it. It's only been 24 hours and I've already managed to slice open my arm from a juke box while intoxicated. I love London.

I don't have too much to talk about just yet, there's the Wireless Festival that is going on right now, that I don't have tickets to. But I met two guys last night who had just come from the Basement Jaxx set and I believe they said it was 'brilliant.' I picked up my Time Out London and it has brought back so many memories. The first week I came to New York I skimmed the lists to see if I knew of any bands. Things have changed a bit back home, but I feel so out of the loop here. Hopefully that will change as well. I did see Maximo Park is playing in July, so you know I'll be there.

For all of those in NYC, say hi for me. I will be back as soon as I can scam some free wireless. I've found some hardy show goers, so let the craziness begin.


Jen said...

I'm so glad your ipod was found! i hope you love london as much as i do...i miss it...please go to portobello market when you get a chance on the won't regret it! miss ya rach!

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised you didn't plan your trip a little better considering the weekend you arrived was the same weekend as the Glastonbury Festival and Wireless. Perhaps you thought you would go next year? Think again, there isn't one. Next year we've gone all fallow. Anyway I've decided to appoint myself as your very own London Adviser, but only if you promise to stop posting silly "Cor Blimey Mary Poppins" posts. Not all Londoners speak like that, me dear. So your first item of interest this week is Ryan Adams at Hammersmith Odeon (not that you will find it listed under that anymore), I am going on Thursday night. If i had a spare I would invite you.

PS - This weekend's concert tip is Live8, it's on in Hyde Park. I'm off to the cricket instead.

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Rachael said...

london advsier --

you are much needed. i have six weeks and a lot to do, and i have no idea what i'm doing. money is the first issue, which is why i didn't get wireless tickets, and it was my first weekend here for Glastonbury, so I couldn't take off from orientation things. my cousin is there, so he's going to give me a recap.

i have a wedding to go to this weekend, so i wont be at live 8. i would love to go to ryan adams, but believe it's sold out, no?

okay i'll really try and refrain from my silly posts. sadly, i'm originally british (haven't been back in a good 15 years) so I should know better.

ok i will promise to have some exciting posts, i'm just starting to get the hang of this city.

Anonymous said...

You're British, well why didn't you say. Anyway, sorry if I appeared a bit harsh, just trying to chivvy you along nicely. I think Ryan Adams is sold out, I would assume so anyway. Look up Somerset House and see who is playing there - a very cool London venue. Where are you staying in London?

Rachael said...

chivvy away my friend.

we're going to try and head down to the ryan adams show...see if we can get a ticket, charm them with our american accent.

we're staying off hampstead road, up on tottenham in the university of london housing. where that is in the general vicinity of london...ask me in a week.

i'll check out somerset too, i've been getting some good tips from the locals.

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