Wednesday, June 8, 2005

The Real Thing

Last night at dinner (where I randomly ran into two kids from high school, but that’s besides the point) Blaire told me there can be no more Upwelling talk. Hopefully she won't read this post today.

Tonight, our favorite Brooklynites return back to the live circuit with a show at Southpaw and a new keyboardist, Conor Heffernan. And although we bid adieu to our favorite magician recently, I am excited to hear what these boys have been brewing for the past few months.

I talk about this band too much to be considered healthy, listen to this band too much to be considered normal, and bother the band too much it teeters on stalking (okay, not really, I hope), but as I told them last week that it's all genuinely out of my love for The Upwelling. I become attached easily to everything from bands to rubber bands, so my passion is sometimes misconstrued. Regardless, these boys have something special going on, and its only a matter of time before the world takes notice. So for your sake and mine, check them out tonight at Southpaw (they go on at 10) before it's too late.

MP3's (right click, save as)
  • The Upwelling - In Her Arms/Sam (Live)
  • The Upwelling - Murdered By A Big Bomb (Live)
  • The Upwelling - Ladder 104 (Live)

    Listen to more fabulously fabulous tracks here or better yet, buy their "stellar," "Virgin Recommended", "Rachael endorsed" EP here.


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