Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wait...where am I again?

Last night, I swear I had crossed back over the Atlantic. After a day of classes (which apparently are going to be more work than anticipated, what's that about) my pals and I headed on the tube to god knows where to see Brooklyn's own Tim Williams play at this new venue called The Underbelly. Our first mistake was leaving the house without an umbrella. We exited the tube station to a downpour. It was 9:25 and we only had five minutes. We decided to make a run for it.

We were completely drenched. But a few drinks in and a couple trips to the bathroom to stand underneath the hair dryer, we were a-ok. Mr. Williams was quite the performer in this little spot. It was just him, an acoustic guitar, and his friend playing the keyboard, but my god...he gave me chills. He's only 25, looks like he could be 18, but his voice is powerful, and although it could be a cross between Ryan Adams and Damien Rice, he's got his own thing going on. My friend Katie said he's got the it factor, and by golly, he does.

I met Carter at the show who heads up Dovecote Records (who Tim Williams is on). We chatted a bit and he introduced me to this guy named Ross who works for ASCAP here in the UK. Sweetest guy ever. He's coming to CMJ this year and I'm going to show him a good time.

We caught a set by London's own Crash Convention. It was actually just an acoustic set by the two front members while their bass player and drummer are on holiday. It actually reminded me a lot of when I saw Mando Diao put on an acoustic set back in NYC. Very clever songwriting and great harmonies. Apparently these guys have some interesting stage antics when they have their whole band together. I chatted with their manager after the show, and we're going to set something up in the next couple weeks, hopefully.

On my way out I was introduced to Erica, who works at the door of the club. Turns out she was the manager for The GoStation a while back. Talk about a small world. We moved a couple doors down afterwards to catch a couple more drinks before catching the tube back. My only complaint about this city so far is that everything closes so early. But I really can't complain.

Tonight we're going to try and get Ryan Adams tickets. Everyone here was at Coldplay/Interpol last night which was £45 (basically $90). As much as I wanted to go, I could not shell out that much cash. I saw Coldplay 2 feet in front of me a couple weeks ago and will be seeing Interpol in a small tent next week. That's how I rationalized it. It helps me sleep at night.

Ok, so I have class in a minute, and probably should have done some reading..or something. Class, smash, I'm in London and it's summer. Right.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, just to let you know that my friend who I was going To Ryan Adams with called me to say it had been cancelled. So I wouldn't bother with the tickets if I were you.

Liz in Ireland said...

Rachael's still blogging overseas, email me you shit! see you next week.

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