Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Save The Double Door

Although I've never been to Chicago, my sister lives there and she's obsessed. We have many a fights over New York vs. Chicago, which one is better, and although I think I win, since I haven't been there, I can't really say.

Regardless, with all the music venues closing these days (Luna closes it's doors June 11), I feel obliged to help out however I can. My sister emailed me the following info saying "I know you can't save everyone but I thought you might like this :-)" Well sis, you win this time.

Hey Chicago Folks -
Many of you have had the opportunity to see a show or two at The Double Door. For years, the DD has been a musical institution in Chicago, supporting the local music scene and introducing Chicago to bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, The Streets, and tons more.

They're in a bit of a pickle with their landlords. It seems that the owners of the building would rather rent to Banana Republic or some other retail giant that would be unwelcome in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Have a heart and sign the petition. It takes less than a minute, and hopefully, we'll all get to see some really bitchin shows at the The Double Door in the future.

Save The Double Door


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