Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm always late

It's become sort of funny how ridiculous this moving process has become. I think someone is telling me not to leave NYC this summer. I was driving into the city today to grab as much stuff as my little mini could fit. I decided to call the van company to make sure that we are confirmed for tomorrow. (We had to move the date twice last week already) Turns out they have no trucks for tomorrow. So looks like I"ll be moving out on Thursday, with just enough time to get it all back and then repack for London on Friday. I'm trying to laugh.

Quick news, and then some more tunes.
Gothamistis having their Moveable Hype 3.0 show tonight, featuring Man In Gray, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ghostland Observery, and The Fame. It's at The Knitting Factory main stage, and the craziness starts at 7PM. You can read Man In Gray's interview with Gothamist here.

Tonight at midnight, my most favorite person in the world, Blaire (inator rator) turns the big 21. Watch out for this girl, she's going to own all the hotels in Manhattan one day, and will cook you up a mean meal. Love you lots!

Tunes coming up.


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