Tuesday, March 7, 2006

City Pavement | The Subways

The Subways interview

So I have been trying to focus today on all the things I have going on, but I can't. As those crazy Crackers United kids would say: get hype! The Subways are back in town!

Tonight will be my fourth time seeing the band (once in London, twice last time in NYC, and tonight at Bowery). This will also be the biggest venue I've seen them play at, so I better see everyone singing and dancing along. There's no excuse this time. You should have the album, and know every word. Personally, I wish I was Charlotte and could rock out on stage and sing her parts in "I Want To Hear What You Have To Say" and "1 AM." Jerry asked me at about 9:45 AM this morning, while I was supposed to be focusing on French class whether I had started drinking yet for The Subways show. If I do, which I may, but can't -- I just may end up on stage with them.

I really love this band.

Video for "Rock & Roll Queen"

  • The Subways - City Pavement
  • The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen (Live from San Diego 11.27.05)


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