Monday, March 6, 2006

Steady Rollin | Two Gallants

I recently was sent Two Gallants second album What The Toll Tells. Granted, I had heard of this band via Mr. Conor Oberst's label Saddle Creek, and even had some tracks from around the blogosphere. But I hadn't listened to their first album The Throes all the way through. There are certain bands that are meant to be listened through their complete work -- an album from start to finish. Two Gallants are definitely one of those bands.

I've heard that they are deserving of the hype, but frankly I haven't heard too much hype, and I think this album is stupendous. I need music that is stripped down sometimes. Those overproduced albums are great to dance to, but that's not music to me. What The Toll Tells is full of attitude, grit, and unconventional musings in the most delicate way. Each song brings me to a different place and time, where the alcohol is free flowing, and the sing-alongs. unstoppable.

You can count on me to see this band at SXSW.

Order What The Toll Tells here.


  • mar 16 austin, tx sxsw, the parish w/ saddle creek showcase, 11 pm set
  • mar 17 austin, tx hole in the wall, ice cream man presents, 4pm set
  • mar 18 austin, tx the velvet spade w/ ny2lon party, 3pm set

  • Two Gallants - Steady Rollin
  • Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail
  • Two Gallants - Waves Of Grain

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