Friday, March 10, 2006

Humans | Islands

So the little mac widget on my computer tells me it is 69 degrees outside. I got that impression from the beating sun through my apartment window. This means that I should not and will not waste my day inside. A little sunshine always helped a nasty cold.

Could this be spring?

Miss Katie texted me last night to tell me about her new favorite band that she happened to stumble upon at 9:30 club down in DC, Canadian indie rockersIslands. The band will release their debut album on April 4 through Rough Trade and are playing Webster Hall tonight with Metric. Islands include two former members of The Unicorns, and their debut album features multiple cameo appearances from other musicians, including The Arcade Fire.

Excited? You should be.

Immediately after Katie told me I downloaded a couple tracks and was immediately whisked off to that place that only Canadian musicians seem to take you. It's perfect for a day like today, when the sun is shining and you remember that there are bands out there that understand the meaning of melody in the most unconventional way. I can't tell you how many albums I listen to that are just regurgitations of other bands. Only a few understand the meaning of homage, and the true meaning of inspiration. Maybe it's the history these musicians already have, or maybe it's just that country up to our north. But Islands have got it.

I Guess I'm Floating weighs in and posts some live tracks.

Check the band out on myspace for more dates.

  • Islands - Humans
  • Islands - Swans (Life After Death)


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