Tuesday, March 7, 2006

February 2006 Recap In Songs

Jeez. When did it become March already? If Friday is going to be 65 degrees in NYC, does that mean it’s spring? Does that mean I'm graduating soon? Let’s just all just take a deep breath and slow things down.

On three. One. Two. Three. Sigh.

Thanks. I needed that.

So I'm a bit late, but here's what you may have missed in February, that you definitely should not have.

  • Voxtrot - Mother, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives
    February gave us a new Voxtrot song. If you don't have it, there is seriously something wrong with you.

  • Men, Women, & Children - Dance In My Blood
    My favorite song to DJ comes courtesy of Miss Katie down in DC. Send her letters to get her to move to NYC faster so she can help me out in the booth.

  • Tunng - Tale From Black
    One of the most interesting songs I've heard in 2006. Hauntingly beautiful.

  • Sound Team - Don't Turn Away
    I missed these guys when they came to NYC. But you can bet i'll be seeing them in Austin.

  • Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
    It took me a while to get what all the fuss is about. But don't worry, I get it now.

  • Oh No! Oh My! - Love You All The Time
    I cannot put into words how great this song is. Seriously.

  • Levy - Rector Street
    Off their incredible debut, this band is making all the other local New York bands a bit jealous.

  • Undisputed Heavyweights - Money
    Officially my favorite band to see live in NYC. Find out why.

  • Slowlands - Venturers
    Super excited to have these guys play our last showcase. Think of it as a CYHSY, but less annoying.

  • A Brief Smile - Kitchen Floor
    It was a happy day when A Brief Smile sent us two new tracks. We're still quite happy.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion
    Don't tell anyone, but we play this song every morning and pretend we are Karen O. Shhh.

  • Colored Shadows - Life After Love
    This song gets better every time. Reminds us a lot of Calla. Dreamy pop at its finest.

  • Birdmonster - All The Holes In the Walls
    We begged this band to come to NYC. We are counting down the days.

  • The Hard Tomorrows - Glossy Eyed Sweetheart
    Totally digging the direction our favorite DC band has taken. This just makes us want to hear so much more.

  • Liam and Me - There's A Difference
    All pop-punk-indie-rock bands should sound like this. Especially live.

  • Bishop Allen - Vain
    February's Bishop Allen free track. Keep them coming boys!


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