Monday, March 27, 2006

Love Is All @ Knitting Factory

Love Is All @ Knitting Factory

Thank you New York.

Sometimes you need a late night show from a quirky Norwegian band to wake everyone up. It was near 1 AM when Love Is All took the stage. I felt myself fading, quickly, during the two openers. But as soon as they opened into "Talk Talk Talk" my eyes shot open.

The packed crowd at Knitting Factory was one of the best crowds I have been part of. Love Is All was one of the best live bands I've seen. There was jumping, yelling, moshing, dancing -- the amount of energy in that tiny room was even a surprise to the band. The adorable Josephine Olausson kept on saying "Wow."

When I left, that's all I could say too.

Check out some more mp3s at Village Indian and Amrit's review on Stereogum.


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