Thursday, March 9, 2006

Enemies | The Head Set

Man oh man. I'm surprised I made it through last night. All day at work I was a sniffling and a coughing and trying to stay awake. When Jen met me at Pianos for some grub before Rothko, she feared I wouldn't make it. But no, I said. I'd make it.

As soon as A Brief Smile played, I was up and ready. I made the shocking decision not to drink any alcohol, knowing that if I did, I'd be laying behind the DJ booth in under an hour. The boys did a stupendous job as usual, although I could be biased by now after seeing them so many times. But it was fun to hear some oldies that they hadn't played in a while like "Count Me Out." They asked me what they should name their album (in which I replied "Underrated" naturally) but that means that we're getting close to a release. Yee haw.

Rothko was packed to capacity last night, so it was time to prove my djing skills. I got a lot of head nods, and some dancing. But whatever, I was dancing up a storm in the booth and that's all that really counts. Thanks to the Crackers United kids for having me. They are awesome in every way and put on a great lineup. Be sure to check their blog for upcoming showcases as well. They kept me entertained late night when I was tired no more, and my only goal was to keep those kids dancing. I live for that.

This post did have a point.

My point is that I don't talk about The Head Set enough on this blog. I don't know why, but I seem to forget how good this band is until I see them live again. Seriously. I don't know how this band has managed to stay under the radar because if I had any authority in this business I'd make them huge. They've got all the right ingrediants, but most importantly the live show is honest to god one of the best I've seen. And that voice. My god that voice. I could go on and on about how singer Jordan Blaugrund brings together the perfect mix of raw sweat, sex, and wail into one note. It's nonstop energy from this sound that yes, could be easily compared to 100 other bands, but that these guys make sure on stage is their own.

Be their friend on myspace.

  • The Head Set - Enemies
  • The Head Set - A Regular Bonnie and Clyde
  • The Head Set - Last Call Doll
  • The Head Set - Come On, Come On


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