Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Place In Displacement | South

For me, South, a Brit-based band has been swept under the radar until possibly now. Their third album Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars is due out April 4. Their sound isn't anything particularly new, but the album in itself is enjoyable. It was enough for me to check out their previous efforts, and be completely blown away.

Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars is a bit too easy to be a third effort. I always anticipate bands to try their safest stuff first and then really let it all go, creatively. I found that the opposite with South, and I can't really find out why. Perhaps they want that commercial success (aka 80's revival a la New Order) with simple dreamy pop songs opposed to their Radiohead-esque debut, From Here On In back in 2001.

There are two reasons I like an album - both of which cause me not to stop listening. But there are ones that you dissect every little piece of it until it becomes a musical mess, while completely satisfying your curiosity and then there are the ones that you put on and listen to but never really find that deeper level that you want to explore. Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars is the latter. From Here On In is the former. And their second album just doesn't do anything for me. So is that anything wrong? Not really in my book. You can't dissect every time.

South plays Bowery Ballroom April 7 with Something For Rockets.

  • South - A Place In Displacement
  • South - Out In A Day
  • South - Supercede


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