Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hell Of A Day | Taylor Hicks

Last night before heading over to Pianos, I stopped by Susan's apartment and I made her watch American Idol. I have to admit, I am obsessed with the gray-haired swooner, Taylor Hicks. Obsessed is not an understatement. I scour message boards and websites. I came across this a couple weeks ago:

If you are out there reading you MUST, if you haven't already, listen to Ray Lamontagne. If you do not know him, he has an amazing passion that I also see in you. You'd love him, I know it! His CD is "Trouble". Take a listen, I swear I would not let you down. If you do know of Ray then I hope you share the same love for him that I do. Good Luck!

I whole heartedly agreed. Taylor has got the same execution and innate soul that Mr. Lamontagne has. And last night, I litterally screamed when Taylor performed "Trouble."

It was wonderful. My favorite of the night. The rest of the contestants picked awful awful songs. It was contemporary night, which meant they could pick anything from the last six years. Kudos to Mr. Hicks for picking a song that wasn't a #1 hit and actually fit his vocal stylings.

Even if he doesn't win (which I'm going to assume he wont -- it's going to Chris), he'll always be my American Idol.

Now someone find me a clip or mp3 of last night's performance and you'll be my best friend forever.

[UPDATE!!! Jerry is officially my new best friend. He has the mp3 AND video of last night's performance. He also provides a link to Taylor's blog Gray Charles. I LOVE IT!]

But for now, enjoy some pre-Idol Hicks.

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