Friday, March 10, 2006

Demons | Battle

It's about 1209812 degrees in my apartment this morning and I forgot to change my alarm clock last night. I'm missing class right now. Whoops. It's probably for the best, seeming that I think I've come down with some nasty sinus infection probably due to the fact that I forgot what it means to sleep anymore. This week has been nuts, but could have been a lot worse had I not been saving up every last penny for Austin next week. I'm so excited to get out of New York for a bit. I think I’m going to fall in love with Austin.

I feel it's my duty to report on new places in the city where new shows may be held. Last night I went to the notorious Annex for Nora's birthday. The Tarts of Pleasure moved their Friday night party at Orchard to Thursday nights at the Annex. I figured this place was going to be huge (and by huge I mean bigger than my closet in Lower East Side standards.) I walked in and was sadly misinformed. It's much smaller than Rothko, with a layout that is not as condusive to dancing as Orchard was. There's a "stage" if you want to call it that, where maybe Lady Sovereign could have performed last night (ps she's tiny) but not a whole band. Needless to say, I'm thrilled that the Editors show never happened there, because that would have been disgustingly packed. But it's a pretty swanky place to hang out, and compared to the Orchard Bar it smelled like paint instead of smelly hipsters.

I ran into some of the boys from Five O'Clock Heroes last night, who just got back from the UK and will be playing tonight at Mercury Lounge with South London band Battle. I've been hearing a lot about these guys, so I'm excited to check them out pre-SXSW hooplah. They are label mates with The Subways and The Rakes and have that British sound we all cant help but love. I'll see if their live show is anything to write home (er, blog) about.

  • Battle - Demons
  • Battle - Isabelle
  • Battle - Feel The Same
  • Battle - Damascus

    P.S. Did anyone see my lover Tom Vek on the OC last night? I think I drooled all over my remote.


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