Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The Subways @ Bowery

Ok, I'll say it: The Subways are the best live act around.

Nothing will beat my experience seeing them in London for the first time, pinned up against the walls by the young enthusiastic fans who screamed the lyrics back to the relentless threesome on stage. At that moment, I knew they had it -- the songs, the look, the attitude, and the presence. Last night at Bowery, New York got their chance to see that as well.

Last time The Subways came through, they played two smaller showcases that consisted of mostly industry people who were boring with a capital B. A couple months later, with the release of Young For Eternity, American audiences are beginning to catch on. I was beyond thrilled to see the crowd last night screaming the words, dancing their faces off, and carrying dear ol’ Billy Lunn throughout the crowd. Even if the majority of the audience happened to be British, The Subways finally got the reception they deserve.

I caught up with Billy after the show and he was all smiles. I could feel the excitement exuding from his face. "We did it!" he said to me after I told him how frickin fantastic that show had been. "We got New York."

If you haven't seen this band live, you are seriously missing out. Billy is like a powerhouse monkey, flailing all around the stage, and throughout Bowery last night. Charlotte is the girl you so want to hate, because she's so goddamn perfect looking you'd think she couldn't be musically talented. But she is. And little drummer Josh who was raised above the stage for good measure last night shined as the rock that keeps those crazy kids wanting more.

I want this band to take over the world.

The Subways @ Bowery

The Subways @ Bowery

The Subways @ Bowery

The Subways @ Bowery

The Subways @ Bowery

More pictures here.


Marcela batata said...

Hi! My name is Marcela, I am 18 years old and I'm from Brazil. I needed the help of google translator to understand the post in your blog. I love the band The Subways, and I believe it would be very gratifying to watch a show of them. But bands like The Subways dazem not show here because they are not known and the few fans have no chance of being face to face with their idols. I was impressed to read the post you spoke with Billy Lunn! That privilege!
Now whenever I can, peep your blog. It is very interesting! Kiss.

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