Friday, March 31, 2006

Editors @ Webster Hall


After seeing the Editors four times now, there's only one thing comparable with Interpol...

...those same damn lights that look great in concert, but make my pictures awful.

I'm sick of everyone calling them Interpol knock-offs, or any aspect of that statement. I've told every single person that they need to see them live, and then all comparisons will be forgotten. I love Interpol and all, but when I am bored when I see them play live. It sounds great, but it's quite uninteresting. Editors succeed in sounding phenomenal (even in Webster, which I'm having few complaints about these days) and creating a unique intensity that is both alarming and comforting.

The first time I saw Editors play (last summer in Ireland), I commented on the fact that Tom Smith looked as though he could rip the skin off of his face the minute he gets into a song. Eight months later, a platinum selling UK release, and a gig at Webster Hall, he's still doing the same thing. It's about time musicians show us on stage what goes through their head when writing a song. If you are going to create an art form and let it be public, please don't skim us on the experience.

Somehow I always manage to get drunk at an Editors show, even when I don't intend to. Due to some ill-fated Sushi (found a hair, lost my appetite), I had one rather large glass of wine at the show and was pretty loopy. I was towards the back, and danced up quite the storm. The set hasn't changed from any of the other times I've seen them (except they played two new songs that were quite good), and the "Fingers in the Factories" closer was as solid as ever.

I refuse to debate this anymore. Go see them live, and then we'll talk.


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