Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Dance, Dance

This is how scatter brained my head is right now -- so my apologies if this post jumps from one thing to another, and in retrospect loses any credibility I have attempted at having. I blame those emo kids.

We featured Motion City Soundtrack like a bajillion years ago in one of the first issues of Underrated. One of my old roommates was obsessed with this band so I took her to Warped Tour two summers ago and we had a frickin blast. I went out to lunch with her last week and she had asked me if I had gotten MCS's new album. I had not. Had I heard their new song? I had not. She wasn't pleased.

So I got the new album and I like it, but I'm not sure it's as catchy/loveable as their first. Perhaps that's because I listened to that first album over and over and over again until I was forced to love it. Either way, this song is damn good.

  • Motion City Soundtrack - Everything Is Alright

    So I could devote a whole post into the demise of Spin magazine, but I'll save my chance of ever getting a job in this business by keeping my mouth (sorta) quiet. But anyways, I picked up the last copy, as a sort of souvenir now that the whole staff is fired and they might be packing up and leaving NYC (horrah! shh). Anywho, the point is that they had this reader's poll in the last issue and it really illustrated the magazine and its audience, and let's face it - the mass majority of music listeners. Every band that was voted the "best of" was also voted the "worst of." Is this our love for guilty pleasures or is our populus of listeners so polorazied and split? Or, and I may get shunned for this - is it all just some sneaky plan by the editors of that magazine to sell copies (by putting bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall out Boy) on the cover (and subsequently making them "best of") while still trying to retain their indie cred by naming them "worst of" as well.


    Don't even get me started on that band of the year tournament.

    But you know what? I like songs that make me dance and it is a guilty pleasure of mine. And if, yes if, that ruins my indie cred, maybe I'll call up Spin and ask for a job. I hear they have some openings.

  • Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance

    That song is also dedicated to Jocelyn who just started a blog (yay!). She really rocks my socks. I'll play "Dance, Dance" for her tonight at Rothko!


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