Friday, March 17, 2006

SXSW: Day Two Recap

I don't have much time because our cab is on its way and Wes was hogging the computer. Let's just say that yesterday was beyond insane and today is going to be 10 times more so.

Birdmonster was hands down my favorite so far, partly because I have been hyping them up for so long in my head. Luckily they rocked it so hard, there was even blood. I thought for a second that I should give them some medical attention, but they seemed to be ok. I will see them again today, so yay for that.

Before that we caught a set by the one and only Jose Gonzalez. I had been waiting to see this young fella for some time, but unfortunately the venue in which we saw him (outside in a tent with free beer = rowdy) was not appropriate. It was hard to hear him at most times, but hearing "Heartbeats" made it all worthwhile.

The rest of the day was spent at the Diesel-U party, where it started off a bit lame, but by the end of the night was superb. Spinto Band played a short set (after the even shorter Film School) set. I was really dissapointed that they didn't play "Oh Mandy." What's wrong with them? Didn't they know I wanted to dance? But actually, from the times I'd seen this band play in New York, this was one of their better. There was a lot of energy. A lot.

The cab is here for the bloggers brunch! Must go. Will continue later today via sidekick...


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