Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'll Always Be Your Loser, Honey | The Sharp Things

It's been said that less is more. But it's also been said that the more the merrier. So which is it? Huh?

For the case in New York City's own The Sharp Things, there is beauty in numbers. (I'm trying to see how many clich├ęs I can put in one review, so bear with me) What has been called a "mini orchestra", at least ten people took part in their latest effort Foxes & Hounds a clever little record that croons and swoons in the sweetest of ways.

When I thought about what I liked about this album, the words "easy listening" came to mind. But when I think of easy listening I think of those horrid radio stations my mother made me listen to, or that are always playing at the dentist office. But if you break down the words, it just means music that is easy to listen to. And that's definitely The Sharp Things. I've found myself putting the album on repeat while at work and it makes the day pass by a little bit easier. I'll pass it along to my mom too, I think she'd dig it.

The band’s debut record, Here Comes the Sharp Things was released in 2003 on their own Dive Records and was recorded in just two sessions. Foxes & Hounds was released by Bar/None Records in May of last year. Under The Radar said it is "... 14 songs of string, piano, and horn brilliance."

The Sharp Things play The Living Room April 8.

  • The Sharp Things - I'll Always Be Your Loser, Honey
  • The Sharp Things - The Suicide Bombers
  • The Sharp Things - There Will Be Violins


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