Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Used Goods | Love Is All


I'm having a very hard decision for Friday night. And no, unfortunately I do not have two rather attractive men waiting for me to make that said decision behind door #1 or door #2. Unfortunately, life is not like reality television.

Sometimes it should.

Then I could have maybe a nondescript host ask me what I am thinking and who I am going to give the rose to. Or maybe America could vote in. OR maybe, maybe there could be a competition and a walk off. Or! They could battle it out in the reverse tug of war.

But then they’d just cut to commercial.

Instead, I'm left deciding between Mystery Jets at Mercury or Love Is All at Knitting Factory. My gut is telling me to go to Knitting Factory. I heard mixed reviews from Mystery Jet showgoers at Austin Texas, but I'm digging both bands.

Sigh. What's an indecisive blogger to do?

  • Love Is All - Used Goods
  • Mystery Jet - Zoo Time


    Ryan said...

    Wow. This is ancient, but I sure hope you picked Love Is All.

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