Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Part Of You | Nest

We're going to continue the day with some more "chill" music because we're still exhausted from Austin. I meant to post about the LA based band Nest weeks ago, but completely spaced out. Better late than never, right?.

Lead singer Ayana Haviv is the main component in this band with her sweet sultry voice that is equally calming as entrancing. The piano driven melodies are backed by the rest of the band but it's Haviv's voice that you'll remember. The band describes themselves as "Imogen Heap meets Portishead meets Fiona Apple" which isn't completely far off. It's a good mixture of a lot of indie elements, packaged together to be completely pop ready.

Hear more tracks and buy their self-released EP off their website. Be their friend on myspace too.

  • Nest - Part Of You


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