Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Another Moon Effect | Kinetic

Friday, you say? I hear there's this awesome party going on at Crash Mansion. That's just what I hear.

Third up on Friday will be another fantastic local band that goes by the name of Kinetic. I was lucky enough to meet this band as a last minute replacement for one of our shows at Pianos. Me, yelling drunk. The band, consoling after playing a rocking set. It was a match right from the start.

Everyone's got a reason to celebrate on Friday, and Kinetic is no different. They just signed to Chicago based Paribus Records and will be releasing their much anticipated full-length debut very shortly (like next month).

We're pumped to see them play again, because let's face it, last time I was a bit inebriated. However, we have been digging the EP since Brendan placed it in my hands back on that infamous night. We know the show will be as incredible, if not more. The mood this band sets is creative, symphonic, and damn right electrified. There's one thing I remember from that night -- this was something I'd never heard before.

  • Kinetic - Another Moon Effect
  • Kinetic - The Country Song

    Hey! We've got a flyer!

    RSVP for FREE admission for Friday night's show here.


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