Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stay Young | Oasis

Don't you ever wonder what I'm listening to at all hours of the day? Do you happen to see me on the subway or on the street rocking out and curious to what song it is that is pumping out of my earphones? Do you spend you days thinking what is blasting through my speakers in between my incessant posts?



Well anyways tonight you can find out. I will be DJing at Pianos (upstairs) at promptly 10 PM, where you will hear various underrated and overrated songs destined to make you dance, sing, and probably fall in love with me. Chances I'll play at least one Tom Vek song? 100%.

This will all be following a fantastic Cross Pollination show featuring my friends Seth Kallen and Paul Hammer. (It's FREE and starts at 7:30, by the way)

I asked Seth if he had any requests for tonight's set and this is a sample of what he asked for.

  • Oasis - Stay Young
  • Bloc Party - Hero
  • Ryan Adams - To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

    It's only a coincidence that two of the songs are about being young.

    Anyways come to Pianos tonight and say hi!


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