Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Troubles | Eugene

I may just get my entire music fix for the week tonight. I'm hitting up something old, something new, something borrowed, and I'm feeling a bit..blue? I tried.

First up will be what's borrowed from Mr. Wes, who puts on these fabulous little shows every week at Pianos, that I have yet to be able to go to. That stops tonight. Cross Pollination is a free show at the upstairs lounge of Pianos every Tuesday that features two acts that perform their own set, before ending the night by playing together. Sounds awesome. Tonight will be Love Monkey's own Eugene playing with Alexandra Scott. Rumor is there will be a Love Monkey viewing party following, with some cast members in attendance. Ooh la la.

Next I'll walk on down to Rothko for Crackers United's monthly Friction show. We'll make it just in time for old Underrated favorites, The GoStation. We never get sick of seeing them play. Other bands on the bill include: The Art Of Shooting, Up The Empire, and Emma La Reina. We've been to a Crackers United show before, and we'll definitely be going again. (Rumor is that A Brief Smile is playing their next show along with The Head Set and Say Hi To Your Mom).

At 11 PM on the dot we'll run over to Fat Baby to check out my new addiction Men, Women, and Children (see yesterday's post). We shall see if they live up to my own self-created hype.

And then I'll go to sleep.

  • Eugene - Troubles
  • Alexandra Scott - Good Goddamn
  • Emma La Reina - Dopamine and Sunshine
  • Up The Empire - Recover
  • The GoStation - Battle Lines
  • The Art of Shooting - Lost In Boredom
  • Men, Women, and Children - Dance In My Blood


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