Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Late At Night | Bell Hollow

Bell Hollow is a local band from Brooklyn that recently sent me their demo CD a couple weeks ago. What I find most interesting about bands these days is how they draw on their influences and what inspires them as songwriters. I can't even begin to imagine the complexity of writing a song. I have enough trouble with just words. Adding in music is a whole other element.

So when everything is basically a mixture of things past, I find it most noble when a band wears their influences on their sleeves. Bell Hollow is clearly a product of the 80's nostalgic rock, paying homage to the likes of The Smiths, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc. It's the UK by way of Brooklyn in 2006, and with a demo CD to work from. It's nothing revolutionary, because it's all been done before, but it's quite interesting. Vocally, Nick Niles tells stories with crooning falsettos. While structurally, the songs are bigger than the stories. I'm definitely interested to see where this band goes next.

But for now, they play the Delancey tonight at 10 PM and then Galapagos on March 30. You can buy their Demo CD on their website and be their friend on myspace.

  • Bell Hollow - Late At Night
  • Bell Hollow - Low Lights


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