Monday, February 13, 2006

Mushroom Cloud | Supercreep

One of the albums I listened to this weekend was the debut from LA via NYC-er, Supercreep

Yeah. The name threw me off too.

Who wants to listen to a super creep? Apparently me. I got past the name in about 10 seconds. "Mushroom Cloud" is the first official track on his debut album (after an odd introduction that we will just move on from). If there's some formula out there in order to generate a hit, Supercreep (aka Jody Delli Santi) hit every single one on the mark. It was stuck in my head as soon as I heard it, and could picture this song being blasted on a Friday night to some sweaty sweaty hipsters.

I'm not entirely convinced on the album as a whole. It's fun alright, I just don't know if I will be tempted to listen to it as much as I do with other albums. Lyrically, it's a bit one dimensional, and by the third of fourth song, everything seems a bit too regurgitated. But "The Kids" is my personal pick, implementing a bit more brit-rock, bringing down the tempo, and encompassing the clever songwriter I knew was behind the cheap tactics.

Be Supercreep's myspace friend and buy his debut album here.

  • Supercreep - Mushroom Cloud
  • Supercreep - Kids


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