Monday, February 20, 2006

What Can I Say | Brandi Carlile

I took the weekend off music. I know, it sounds terrible, but it was sort of necessary. I spent most of my weekend catching up on a lot of the work I've been putting off, in-between episodes of Twin Peaks. My friend Conor told me I had to watch this shows, 14 years after it's premiere. If you dig Lost and the good parts of Desperate Housewives, you should check out this show. Both shows pay homage to this show, and might I say - it's quite addictive. Yet another guilty pleasure to add to my list.

That same friend has invited me to Fordham University today for a special performance by Brandi Carlile for WFUV. I head heard of Miss Carlile before, but have been brushing up this morning. She's got an interesting voice, and her songs are catchy and sweet. She's only 23, signed to Columbia, and her self-titled debut is available for purchase here. She doesn't sound her age, adding in a little Joplin and Cline to her spunk.

Rolling Stone named her one of their 10 Artists To Watch in 2005 and said: "Carlile's ethereal, melancholy ballads have a spare heartache that reflects her love for old-school country...but she loves new-school mopers like Radiohead and Jeff Buckley just as much." Her debut album was produced by John Goodmanson, who has worked with Sleater-Kinney and Blonde Redhead.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Free grub and booze are only part of the reason I'm traveling the distance to check her out.

  • Brandi Carlile - What Can I Say
  • Brandi Carlile - Fall Apart Again
  • Brandi Carlile - Closer To You

    Download her performance on KCRW's Sounds Eclectic here. (Real Player)


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    Anonymous said...

    I so agree with you about the Janice Joplin sound in her voice. Have you heard "The Story" by Brandi?

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