Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One More Fire | Slowlands

Up second at Friday's show is Brooklyn based Slowlands, a band that is gaining significant buzz for their Clap Your Hands meets Wolf Parade sound. But it's their live show that helps them stand out amongst the bunch, a crowded chaos of sounds and instruments from six talented musicians.

I'm super excited to have these guys play, and even more excited to have all of you see them. I went a little crazy the first time I saw them, having to apologize to my friend for my constant appraisal. So if you are standing next to me on Friday, I'll apologize in advance -- chances are I'll be saying how much I love them.

Friday's show is also a CD release for their first full-length record Never Was There a Town. I'm pumped to get my hands on it, myself. So come out on Friday, drink up at the open bar, buy merchandise and come say hi. It's going to be a good night.

RSVP for FREE admission before 11 here.

  • Slowlands - One More Fire (unmastered)
  • Slowlands - Eisenstein


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