Monday, February 20, 2006

All the Holes In the Walls | Birdmonster

We shall start off today with the theme of bands that haven't made it out to NYC but will be at SXSW. The California based band, Birdmonster have quickly become a favorite of mine. With only three songs off an EP, they have successfully whet my appetite and I am left wanting more. Good thing they are busy recording their first full-length and will be making their way through Texas for SXSW and hopefully coming out to NYC soon after.

Joe interviewed them for Underrated over the weekend and it sounded like a fun interview. The boys even blogged about it in their blog, providing us specific details on who they would eat first, if on a deserted island. Funny stuff.

See also: Note Books - Birdmonster on largeheartedboy. (For the record, I'm still convinced Harry Potter is a cult, and Zach agreed.)

  • Birdmonster - All the Holes In the Walls

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