Monday, February 6, 2006

Dance In My Blood | Men, Women, & Children

I've decided I need a weekend to recover after this weekend. Too bad it's Monday again. My trip down to DC was a plethora of alcohol, bars, alcohol, food, alcohol, music...and did I mention alcohol? By Saturday night we were all exhausted. That town is pretty crazy.

I spent the first half with my old friend JoshUA, who is now officially obsessed with Bloc Party so much that it was hard to get him to listen to anything else. But he did dig my Tapes 'n Tapes boys as anticipated (who doesn't, really?) and we just began to touch on the wonder that is Tom Vek. He still insists that I should and will love country music. Sorry Josh, I just can't get there yet.

The latter half of the weekend was spent with Miss Birthday Gal who showed me the hipper side of DC (no offense Josh) as we hopped around from bar to bar, I noticed it's not all that different from New York. We made it to the Black Cat one night, but too late to see the bands. We danced though. That was fun.

It was a late late night on Friday and an unexpected early wakeup, so by Saturday night we were pooped with a capital P. We went bowling, which only exhausted us more so (it's quite a workout, apparently). We did stop by one of her friend's apartment who have created the most ridiculously genius game called "stomp." I've never been more frightful of death at the same time incredibly intrigued by a game before. It was superb.

Katie explains the game here but you really have to see this being done first hand.

When I met Katie this summer in London, we immediately bonded over our shared love for music. I shared my personal local loves, and she shared hers. When we saw The Subways play at a small club, she was first to say they'd be huge (and rightfully so). She was the first person who introduced me to Nightmare of You. And this weekend she gave me her latest tip: Men, Women, and Children (yes that's the name of the band).

I only got to listen to one song on the way to the bus stop, but I trust this gal's opinion. So I got home, checked out the site, and listened to the tunes. She's right -- they're good. It's dance rock with an edge, and it's incredibly addicting. There's even some emo-centric lyrics in there for the sappy folks. But the good kind, I swear. Get ready to love this.

Men, Women, and Childen play Fat Baby on Tuesday, which I will hit up after Cross Polination at Pianos and The GoStation at Rothko. They'll be back to New York to play Webster on March 10 with Metric and then Irving Plaza on March 22 with Motion City Soundtrack. They are also on tour with one of my favorite bands not from New York Something For Rockets, but alas not playing together over on this coast.

Anyways, thank Katie for this one and tell her to get to New York City already. Jeez.

  • Men, Women, & Children - Dance In My Blood
  • Men, Women, & Children - Lightning Strikes Twice in NY (demo)


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