Thursday, February 16, 2006

You Don't Listen To Music | The Diggs

Tonight, two of my favorite local bands are playing Brooklyn. After the day I'm going to have today, I'm going to need some familiar tunes. Good thing both these bands are pretty fantastic live too.

The Diggs are getting big time now, with a headlining show at Northsix. They go on at 11, after blogger favorites Slowlands. You can purchase tickets here. And you can check out a recent interview they did with Village Indian here.

But before heading to Northsix, I will be close to home at Southpaw seeing the omnipotent The Undisputed Heavyweights play at 9 PM. Check out the flyer for the show here. (Wes always makes them look so pretty). They are playing with C. Gibbs Review and The Jones Street Boys.

  • The Diggs - You Don't Listen To Music
  • Slowlands - Listeners Dilemma [via Jerry Yeti]
  • The Undisputed Heavyweights - Mr. Murphy (live at Arlene's Grocery)
  • The Jones Street Boys - Sunshine and Bourbon

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