Thursday, February 23, 2006

There's A Difference | Liam and Me

Before I continue with last night, I must thank Jax for letting me hump with her yesterday. I am privileged to be her first female hump buddy! Hot. Check it out.

So after A Brief Smile played and Joe and I got some drinks at Bowery, we headed on over to Fat Baby to check out Nora's new favorite band, Philly-based Liam & Me. Last night solidified two things: I hate Fat Baby, and Nora has good taste in music.

I could go on a rant and rave about how Fat Baby is now officially my least favorite venue in New York City, but we at Underrated don't like to be mean. Last time I went I stood behind a curtain. This time, Joe and I found ourselves sitting with our backs to the stage at one point, and then me standing on my tippy toes to catch any glimpse of the band. It's small and it's annoying, but fortunately the sound wasn't terrible last night. Okay, that was sort of a rant.

On to the good stuff, with this band Liam and Me. I knew nothing about them before last night, besides liking the two songs Nora sent me, and the fact that they were cute boys (note: two things that will always get me out to see a band play). I was quite surprised by how tight their set was and how many fans they had. Apparently they all came out from Philly, and have choreographed lighter displays down pact. It was amusing and pretty cool to see a whole bunch of people really getting into a band. They had to be from Philly then.

This four-piece band has got some killer vocals and damn catchy tunes. There really wasn't a low-point in the set, except for when it was all over. They were much more pop/punk than I expected, but still add in some 80's hooks to keep it hip. I immediately recognized "There's A Difference" when they played it last night. It's one of those songs you'll have stuck in your head with pleasure.

Hopefully they'll be back to NYC soon (at a better venue) but check out their myspace page for a bunch of tour dates up the east coast. While you are there, be their friend. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

  • Liam and Me - There's A Difference
  • Liam and Me - Don't Say A Word

    Their new album comes out this week, pre-order here.


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