Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Who Found Mr. Fabulous? | Men, Women, & Children

When my alarm went off at 6:45 this morning, getting out of my warm bed was the last thing I wanted to do. I contemplated playing hooky, but I decided that even though I am up the wazoo in debts, I must go to work. The more I work the closer I am to buying a plane ticket to some remote island. Just me, sunglasses, the beach, and an iPod. If anyone would like to contribute to Rachael's wellbeing fund, let me know.

Last night I successfully made it to every show I intended to. That doesn't always happen. I started the night out at Pianos where I met Soffia for some cheap eats. Seriously, if you are looking for some quality food and drinks on a budget, Pianos is the place to go. Before 7 PM they have a happy hour menu where drinks are $2 and a delic hamburger on an english muffin bun is only $5. Seriously worth it.

Conor and Abby joined us soon after, and Wes was gearing up for his weekly Cross Pollination show. I have been meaning to check this out numerous times before, so I was happy that I had the chance to last night. Eugene was quite wonderful, and perfect for the laxed setting. He reminded me of an early Ben Harper, Eugene @ Pianosless literal, more mood orientated. Alexandra Scott was equally as impressive. Katherine (who I will link soon enough, once she gets a blog) described her as a Joanna Newsom, when she actually sings words. The two artists played together at the end to an interested crowd. No sightings of any folk from
Love Monkey, sorry Seth.

Seth and Katherine wandered off to Bowery to catch Matt Pond PA while I met Joe to walk over to Rothko, where we caught the tail end of Up The Empire's set. I wasn't feeling the vocals immediately but by the end of the song, I started to get into it a little bit more. I would have to see a full set to really form an opinion. Matt was a fan. I ran into George and Jess of El Jezel who I haven't seen in forever. Always nice running into them.

The GoStation took their time getting on stage next, which I wasn't too happy about since I had another show to go to afterwards. I assume it wasn't to spite me. Once they got up on stage, I immediately was transferred into my "GoStation mood" which is a happy place to be. I've seen these guys numerous numerous times, and know those songs like the back of my hand. The new lineup is serving them well -- this is probably the best I've heard them play. All the pieces are in place now, I'm ready to see these guys shine like they deserve.

The GoStation @ Rothko

We quickly said our goodbyes and affirmations to the band, before running over to Fat Baby. If I had to make a list of my least favorite venues, Fat Baby is quickly rising to the top. I love the upstairs and the bar, but as soon as I walk down those steps I feel as though I'm walking into my hell. The place was packed for Men, Women, & Children. We opted to stay behind the curtain since there was only about a foot in front of us where we could stand.

I unfortunately wasn't as taken by Men, Women, & Children as I wish I had been. Maybe it was because I was staring at a black curtain instead of the band the entire time. The sound was off, but it looked like (from what I could make out) that the crowd was having a good time. I'd definitely check them out again, because I'm still digging those tracks.

Here's two more tracks from Men, Women, & Children that they played last night. Their album is out on March 14.

  • Men, Women, & Children - Who Found Mr. Fabulous?
  • Men, Women, & Children - Photosynthesis


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