Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vain | Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen are geniuses. I wish all my favorite bands would release an EP every month. It's always something to look forward to, and the products are not lacking whatsoever due to time. I'm pretty sure they've got the whole year done, anyway.

So we loved January, and now we've got February to digest. "Vain" is as lighthearted as "Corazon," but this time focusing on guitars, opposed to the piano. We definitely like it, but its actually "The News From Your Bed" that has won our hearts, with its playful lyrics and happy-go-lucky melodies. Plus it's got a banjo. Little known fact about me: I love the "b" instruments, banjos and bongos. In case you cared.

You can only hear "The News From Your Bed" if you buy the EP, so do so this second right here.

Bishop Allen is playing Galapagos on March 15 and Pianos on March 31 (buy tickets) While you are at it, be their friend on myspace.

  • Bishop Allen - Vain


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