Friday, February 10, 2006

Tale From the Black | Tunng

Jerry has been singing Brit-based band Tunng's praises for weeks now. I listened and found them interesting. They covered "The Pioneers" by Bloc Party, which I found to be a unique take, but falling a little bit on the bland side. But I was on the subway last night, and "Tale From Black" came on. It had my undivided attention (which can be hard for me). I listened. I played it again. I played it again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

This song is so intricately developed song that sounds seamlessly simple. The acoustic guitar that opens will be stuck in your head for days. It pounds away, introducing an ultra-British vocalist that sings what could be mistaken for a folk song. Hinting at a strong drumbeat, it continues with that haunting guitar track. Until then, yes then, you find your head nodding away (as mine did last night) with this newly introduced beat. In comes a beautiful female vocalist with old-school piano samples. I actually had chills listening to it.

It's an incredible mix of so many genres, that I can honestly say that you can't put it one category. It's the same execution that Bloc Party uses, unafraid to take risks with their influences, and end up creating something quite beautiful.

Tunng's debut album This is Tunng: Mother's Daughter and Other Songs will be released on Ace Fu Records in the US on February 21st. But you can buy it now as DRM-free mp3 files from Bleep for $9.99 here. Jerry said "Believe me... don't wait. This is the first great album that I've heard this 2006."

I'm on it.

SXSW Dates:
15th - End Of An Ear, 2209 South First Street, Austin TX 78704, USA [afternoon instore, with My Education and more tbc]
16th - The Velvet Spade, Austin TX, USA [Ace Fu showcase, with Pterodactyl, B

  • Tunng - Tale From the Black
  • Tunng - Pool Beneath the Pond


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