Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The Art Of Walking | Blockhead

I'm in an extremely good mood today. Maybe it's because I have a little mini vacation coming up this weekend to DC. Maybe it's because I didn't forget anything this morning when I left my apartment. Maybe it's because the sun is shining, I just do not know. But it's a good day, and I shouldn't question it.

So I'm at work, listening to WOXY (my new obsession), scrambling away writing far too many emails at one time, and all of a sudden I feel myself dancing in my chair. My head was bobbing, my feet were tapping, my shoulders rotating...I had to stop and figure out where this was all coming from. So I stopped the typing, and the dancing, and listened to this glorious song coming through my headphones. I don't think you can get any happier than this.

Blockhead is a local New Yorker who had a stint as a rapper before producing nine tracks off the Aesop Rock album Labor Days. And besides recording two albums of his own, he also finds time to take on comedy. He's a member of the Party Fun Action Committee whose hip-hop/comedy debut album was recently released on Def Jux. His latest effort Downtown Science is available here.

If the rest of the album is as addictiviely joyous that I can pretend to do a funky dance to in my little cubicle, then this guy may have just bought himself my soul. Or my ears. Whatever.

  • Blockhead - The Art Of Walking


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