Friday, February 17, 2006

Kitchen Floor | A Brief Smile

After a long and exhausting day, it was a treat to come home to find all this new music in my inbox. However, I must admit, I was looking for one thing: new tracks from A Brief Smile.

I've been hounding these guys to let me listen to these recordings that they have been working on since last summer. We've been given a taste of them through their live shows, showcasing their consistent evolution as one of my favorite bands. Since first receiving their EP Memory Loss about a year and a half ago, I was undoubtedly impressed. And lucky for you and me, things just keep getting better.

A Brief Smile will be playing Bowery Ballroom next Wednesday opening up for the Fray. I will be front and center, singing my little heart out. It's going to be amazing to see them play this venue. Unfortunately the show is sold out, but do not fret. They will be playing Crackers United One Year Anniversary party at Rothko on March 8 with The Head Set and Say Hi To Your Mom. Besides these wonderful bands, you'll have an added treat of watching me DJ. It'll be a sight to see, I'm sure.

The last time I saw A Brief Smile play, I declared "Kitchen Floor" to be my favorite. Now I get to listen to it over and over again, lucky me! We also get a new cut of an old favorite "Pretty Mess" which is still the highlight of their live show. This version better encapsulates the energy these guys exude on stage.

The band wanted me to let everyone know that these are rough cuts, and in no means finished. They haven't been properly mastered, and are an idea of what they've been working on in the last couple months.

Keep an eye out for A Brief Smile. With an April residency, a summer tour, and a new EP, this is only the beginning.

  • A Brief Smile - Kitchen Floor
  • A Brief Smile - Pretty Mess

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