Tuesday, February 7, 2006

What's The Word | We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists like to make videos. We like to watch We Are Scientists. So I guess it's a match made in heaven.

We've got an exclusive viewing of their latest video for "What’s The Word" where there are banjos, billiards, and bullies. Plus, Keith is wearing a pretty cool hat that I kind of want to steal.

The band is still in the UK on the NME tour and they are keeping a blog all about their escapades. It makes for a fun read. Those guys are nutty. Read it here.

And you will see them in/on the next issue of Underrated. We kinda like them, can you tell?

  • We Are Scientists - What's The Word (video, Real Player)
  • We Are Scientists - What's The Word (video, Quicktime)
  • We Are Scientists - What's The Word (video, Windows Media Player)

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