Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spaceman | Birdmonster

Number of celebrities at last night's Get On Your Dancing Shoes = 3
Number of times I played Tom Vek = 0

Something doesn't seem quite right.

Well we kicked it off, and we kicked it off right. There was dancing, sparked by the now infamous Jocelyn, who is now officially the Underrated dancing queen. Seriously. Come next week to see her moves. She was the talk of the night.

Well, not completely. We had Mr. Tobia Funke in presence, aka the wonderfully awesome David Cross, as well as Mango himself, Chris Kattan, and Ryan Adam's ex, Parkey Posey. My goodness. They must have all heard about how cool Tuesday nights at Pianos are now. I'm sure.

The new Birdmonster and Voxtrot songs went over quite well, perhaps infused my my giddiness playing them. I can't help it, they are so good. But it was definitely The Killers, and ahem, Kelly Clarkson, that got the crowd moving. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

How did I forget to play my lover Tom Vek? Next week he gets two. It's only fair. Come next Tuesday and see what all the celebs are talking about. Before you know it, we'll be in US Weekly.

Or not.


  • Birdmonster - Spaceman
  • Voxtrot - Soft and Warm

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    Pre-order Voxtrot's Mother, Sisters, Daughters & Wives EP here


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