Friday, March 24, 2006

What I'm Fighting For | Matisyahu

I got a long awaited (and much needed) paycheck yesterday, which meant I got to buy new music. That = awesome. I decided to go the chill route, because for the next month or so I really need to start focuses (and stop dancing) so I can get my life in order. So my way of deciding to focus is to buy music that won't make me jump around like an idiot. Welcome to my reasoning, it's a fun place to be.

I had been hearing a lot about this guy named Matisyahu in all the music press, but hadn't heard any of his music. When I was visiting some friends a couple weeks ago they had his CD, so I gave it a listen. I was honestly surprised by how raw and beautiful his voice was. Some songs are not the greatest and the album as a whole doesn't like up to all the hype that it is receiving, However, there are some real great moments. I think if you look beyond what has made him immediately popular, you will find that he is still incredibly talented. The best is yet to come, in my humble opinion.

  • Matisyahu - What I'm Fighting For

    Jose Gonzalez @ Fader Tent (SXSW)

    I finally got the wonderful and talented Jose Gonzalez debut and it's already a favorite. I had most of the songs downloaded from a lot of different blogs, but I'm glad to have the complete work that I can play over and over again. It has a quality of transportation that I can't quite get my finger on. Gonzalez is so quiet and reflective that it's almost as if he made this album for himself. It's absolutely stunning. I'll see him for the second time Monday at the free instore at Other Music.

  • Jose Gonzalez - Lovestain

    And you will be happy to know that I have decided to see Love Is All tonight at Knitting Factory. I just like their songs a little bit more. Especially this one. I must have listened to it about 600 times today. Can't wait to see them perform live.

  • Love Is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up


    Joao said...

    Hi Rachel,

    Could you please share with us your experience on both Jose Gonzalez concerts? Did you get any recording?

    Thanks in advance.

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