Friday, March 24, 2006

MetaGirl | Second Dan


Last night's Aussie Assault was jam packed with good bands and even better accents. I secretly wanted each band to just stand up on stage and speak rather than play. I'm just a gal who's a sucker for the aussies. Jocelyn and I managed to get drunk by about 8:30, which made DJing the rest of the night quite interesting. I must say: Jocelyn has got the dance moves. Next time you see her out, just ask her to do her robot move. To Weezer. It's great.

All of the bands were pretty good, and having not known a thing about them before last night, it was sorta what my SXSW should have been like. (But I think I had more fun anyway). But like Wes would say, none of them were very memorable.

Of the five bands, Second Dan was my favorite, and that could be due to the fact that they were up first. The lead singer is the only aussie of the group (they are now based in NYC) so even though Jocelyn thinks that was false advertising, I'm okay with it.

Here's a live version of one of their tracks. Listen to that accent and swoon with me.

  • Second Dan - MetaGirl (Live)

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    Anonymous said...

    Hey ... this is the lead singer of SECOND DAN.

    Came across your blog.

    Glad you liked our show ... and the accent!!!

    Come down and see us play again.
    We are at the Knitting fActory this Friday - 7/21 9pm.


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