Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Three hours to go

Karen and Kip have taken off so I am stuck alone in Atlanta for the next 3 hours. Thank god this airport has smoking lounges or else I think I would die.

Wes is still stuck in New York. It doesn't look like he is getting a flight until 8:30 tonight. That sucks.

The Atlanta airport isn't very exciting. I'm sitting at my gate watching the people go by. It's so easy to pick out bands going to SXSW. They are all wearing sunglasses and have bleached hair. The guitars kinda give it away too.

There's a trash can next to me that makes funny noises when people throw things away. Its fun to watch their faces, almost like they are on candid camera, but not really.

At least there are no funny birds.

Thank god I have Twin Peaks and my sidekick to keep me company. But goddammit, I am determined to make it to Voxtrot tonight, with or without poor Wes.


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